To Buy or Dye?

Why dye your carpets?

Carpet are often the second most expensive purchase you make when building a home, after the building itself. Over time, the look of your carpet can be affected by spills, incorrectly used over the counter products, pet stains, sun, fading and wear. Many people think the only solution to all of these issues is to replace the carpet. Not any more! Expert carpet dyeing is an attractive alternative to premature carpet replacement. It can restore your carpet back to looking new again for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

If you are selling your home and your agent has recommended carpet replacement to update the look and feel of your house prior to putting it on the market, why not dye instead? You will save 50% to 80% on the cost of replacement and achieve a gorgeous new look that buyers will love!

Carpet dyeing can bring the look of your home into the 21st Century by restoring, protecting and preserving the beauty, color and life of your carpet. Professional carpet dyeing can restore your existing colour, achieve a slight colour change, or achieve a gorgeous new colour that is more practical and up to date.

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What we do

Bleach Spot Repair

Colour loss spots on your carpet is a very common problem, and can be caused by spills of household bleach or other chemicals including toilet cleaners...

Carpet Colour Change

Is your carpet colour ugly and outdated? Are you ready for a decor change but can't seem to match anything to your carpet? Or is your carpet an impractical colour that always...


Did you know that, over time, all carpets lose 2% to 3% of their colour each year? We also offer a ColourClean service for carpets that are 1-2 years old where, for a little more than a regular carpet clean, we can add that colour that has faded back into...

Carpet Colour Restoration

Carpets exposed to our harsh Australian sun can very quickly fade. Evolution Carpet Dyeing can restore your carpets back to their original colour using our...

Specialised Stain Removal

Do you have stains that even the best carpet cleaner cannot remove? Some stains just cannot be shifted by regular carpet cleaning methods, but we use...